All types of businesses are depending more and more on a network setup for the internet, data backup, communication, office equipment sharing, as well as other benefits a computer network can bring into the office. If you do not have an IT department in your company, outsourcing the work to us will increase your productivity as well as provide security and protection for your digital assets. If you’re looking for anything  from an installation of a small office network to the full support of a large infrastructure, our experienced technicians will surpass your expectations when it will come to computer networking.  

Our certified network professionals have the tools and knowledge to help you with:

  • Setup your small/medium business network from the ground up
  • Troubleshoot any network issue you're having at your office
  • Expand your office infrastructure / connect to a satelite office
  • Configure and secure your wireless access at the office

And for your home office we can:

  • Set up your home office network
  • Configure and secure your wireless network
  • Setup file sharing

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